Very Rare 1925 Lenci doll


Rare 1925 Lenci Doll on eBay

This is a rare 1925 Lenci doll Model 350A with forward looking eyes Click Here to see it on eBay. This model was only sold in 1925 and then discontinued making it very rare indeed. The doll came in 2 different versions one with long hair as seen here and one with a bob wearing a hat which can be seen in Continue reading

Lenci Bambina on ebay this week

1930's Lenci Bambina

Ebay member beamdoggie is selling a rare Lenci Bambina on eBay this week. This is a lovely 1930's Lenci Bambina in fine condition and a treat for some Lenci collector for the holidays. It is rare to see a Lenci bambina at auction so just looking at the pictures is a treat. The seller has added a picture from Nancy Lazenby's book  Lenci: The History and the Dolls that looks like the same exact doll.

Click Here to View the Auction Listing on eBay