Lenci Bambina on ebay this week

1930's Lenci Bambina

Ebay member beamdoggie is selling a rare Lenci Bambina on eBay this week. This is a lovely 1930's Lenci Bambina in fine condition and a treat for some Lenci collector for the holidays. It is rare to see a Lenci bambina at auction so just looking at the pictures is a treat. The seller has added a picture from Nancy Lazenby's book  Lenci: The History and the Dolls that looks like the same exact doll.

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Auction Results: The Candy Spelling Collection Lenci Dolls

Below are the Proxibid auction results of the entire selection of Lenci dolls from the recent Candy Spelling Collection auction  - the Lenci Sam black boudior doll fetched $19,000 and the Lenci Josephine Baker went for $11,000. this is nowhere near the high prices of some of bisque dolls that were sold but these are high prices for Lenci dolls nevertheless. If you are a collector who buys or sells on eBay the prices for the dolls below is relevant in terms of current market pricing for the rare character dolls and the near mint condition Lenci dolls.  If you missed the online auction, you may even get a chance to see some of these dolls again. In the days or weeks following a major auction it is not uncommon to find some of the same dolls listed on eBay for resale. So take note of the prices and bookmark this page for your reference. Scroll down for the details Continue reading

350 Series Lenci Mascotte of 1949

Lenci Mascotte 1949

Heather sent in this picture of her Lenci mascotte of 1949.  Heather writes " I have had this Lenci doll for at least 35 years in a box.  My mother owned it before me.  She received it as a gift from a very well off family. I have looked through all of the Lenci catalogs online and have not been able to find this doll anywhere.  She is in mint condition.  Her paper tag is from Torino; on the back handwritten it says 350/1. So she's a 350 series, but she looks so much more primitive than the 350's in the catalog.  A majority of the 350's in the catalog are followed by a letter rather than a number.  She has a solid body, her face is one piece of felt, she has sewn on ears and human hair. " Continue reading

Upcoming Auction: The Candy Spelling Collection Lenci Dolls

Lenci collectors are in for a treat. The Candy Spelling doll collection is going under the hammer in a couple of weeks time. Just looking at the pictures on the Proxibid web site, of some of the rarely seen dolls from the Candy Spelling collection is a rare chance to view examples of Lenci dolls that any avid Lenci collector would drool over.
There is a fine Josephine Baker of 1926 and the pouty 300 series Lenci skater, Lenci boudoir dolls and more - a real treat for the eyes and a chance for some lucky winning bidders to take home some prize examples of Lenci dolls from the most desirable years of production. Continue reading