159 Series Lenci doll of 1924

This 159 Series Lenci doll was made in 1924, she reminds me of little Shirley Temple, who was not even born yet at the time this doll was created. In the slide show above you can see an original black and white Lenci factory photo of the prototype model that was used for registration purposes. In the factory photo you will notice white dots one on each cheek and one at the tip of the nose. These white dots are highlights that have all but faded in the doll in the present day color photo of the same model doll - click on picture above to change the image. This type of highlight was widely used in the early dolls made up to 1925, if you have an early Lenci doll you might be able to detect a trace of the original highlight marks - the first time I saw white mark like this on a Lenci doll I thought it was a blemish or a faded spot, but seeing the original factory pictures has cleared it up. These highlights create a sense of depth and contour when seen from a distance. Continue reading