A Lenci Makeover: The Lonely Doll

Knitting Pattern for 22 in  Lenci Doll
The above picture is features a shabby old 109 series Lenci doll given a makeover to look like Edith from the Lonely doll books. Her sweater was made from an old ribbed sweater I cut up in 4 parts to make to body and sleeves. The hat I knitted using a photo from the book Edith and the duckling
as a reference.   You can buy the pattern for the hat at
http://lenci-dolls.com/knit_hat.html or click on the picture above to buy the pattern and download it now.

She is wearing a pair of jeans and shoes that were originally made for a "MyTwinn" doll - you can find MyTwinn clothes on eBay click here for a selection Continue reading

Edith The Lonely Doll

Edith, The Lonely Doll, is a character in the much loved vintage storybooks by Dare Wright that date from the 1950s. The main character is Edith, an early 109 series Lenci Doll of 1924 see b/w picture below from the 1924 Ars Novita Catalog,  that was a childhood doll of Dare Wright's, one of two Lenci dolls she had kept since her childhood. Her other Lenci was a boudoir doll. Continue reading