Vintage Photo of Large Lenci Boudoir Doll “Mimi” 1926

Vintage Photo of Large Lenci Boudior doll of 1926

Vintage Photo of Large Lenci Boudoir doll of 1926

This is an old vintage photo of a Large Lenci lady boudoir doll that is very rare and much wanted by collectors. This particular doll is one of the largest sizes made by Lenci and first appeared in the Lenci Catalog of 1926.
Lenci catalog 1926 This doll came posed in her own chair and was named Mimi. Some collectors call her Marlene Dietrich possibly because the pose reminds usĀ of the movie The Blue Angel (1930). However this doll was on the market in 1926 well before the Blue Angel was made and before Marlene Dietrich was well known outside of Germany so this Mimi doll probably represents a singer or character from the stage from the early 1920's and from before 1926 when this doll came on the market.Lenci boudior doll 1926

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