Rare early Lenci Minstrel and Lady

I am delighted to share with your a rare glimpse of a pair of very rare early Lenci character dolls from the first years of the Lenci company. Leanne from Australia has generously shared photos of her extremely rare Lenci dolls - possibly a prince and princess or a lady and knight or minstrel. The man has an upturned gaze perhaps posed to look upwards towards his lady above on a balcony.ladyandminstrel

Rare Lenci Character Dolls in Medieval Costume

Rare Lenci Character Dolls in Medieval Costume


Previously in an old blog post ( http://lenci-dolls.com/082007.html) I shared a picture of a similar pair of dolls - but the due to the way the dolls were posed we could not clearly see the outfits  I had attempted to reconstruct the prince's outfit in photoshop but never saw the details on the leggings because they were hidden by a table.  I can now see that they are indeed a match for Leanne's dolls. Finally the mystery is resolved! A big Thank You to Leanne for sharing these great detailed pictures!lencipair

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