Dec 7, 1920 Lenci Dolls in Printemps Catalog

Catalog page of Lenci Doll Published in Au Printemps, Jouets, Mardi 7 Décembre, 1920

Dominique Pennegues drew my attention to this wonderful catalog page from Au Printemps showing the range of Lenci dolls offered from sale for Winter 1920/21. A notice on the cover of the Au Printemps toy catalog announces that the toys will be on exhibit from Tuesday Dec 7, 1920 for the entire month. Here we see examples of some of the earliest and rarest of Lenci dolls such as the Pierrot, the cowboy, Harelquin, the Salome doll, which was already on the market in 1919,  and the early toddler dolls etc. Notice the prices in French francs, which were roughly equivalent to the US dollar value at the time.

Many thanks to Dominique for this rare record of Lenci dolls from winter 1920-21.

Dominique's website:

Rare Lenci Josephine Baker Doll on Proxibid

Rare Josephone Baker Lenci Doll

Offered on "I Only Wanted to Wonder", A Marquis Doll Auction
Tuesday, Aug 1, 2017 | 11:00 AM Eastern
18" (46 cm.) Plumply-cheeked light brown wool felt swivel head with pressed and painted facial features, dark brown side-glancing painted eyes with white eye dots, curly upper lashes, rounded nose with accent dots, very full red felt stitched-on lips, black mohair wig in short bobbed style with forelock curl, stitched-on ears, uniquely-constructed body with voluptuous pose, sculpted bosom, constructed bent elbows, bow-legged knee. Condition: generally excellent, slight banding fade at midriff, few very tiny moth holes. Comments: Lenci, circa 1926, the doll portrays the American-born Parisian dancer, Josephine Baker, in the costume of her most famous performance, "Danse Banane" at the Folies Bergere; the doll was named Josephine in the Lenci catalog. Value Points: extremely rare Lenci model with uniquely-stitch-sculpted body and highly-stylized unique face, wearing well-preserved original costume of felt bananas and leaves, bangle necklace, wrist and ankle bracelets.

Update: This doll closed at: $5,250.00

Call for Canadian Lenci Collectors

If you are a Lenci doll collector from Canada you may be interested in the following notification. from Sherri Gropp, Assistant Curator at Castle Kilbride National Historic Site in Baden, Ontario. For further details please contact Sherri directly

I am the Assistant Curator at Castle Kilbride National Historic Site in Baden, Ontario. In 2018 we are celebrating what would have been the 100th birthday of the little girl that lived at Castle Kilbride. She loved Lenci dolls and has at least 3 (unfortunately we only have one in our collection.) We would like to host an exhibit on Lenci Dolls and are looking for any Canadian collectors. If you could help us out we would greatly appreciate it! Please feel free to pass along my information to anyone who can assist.
Warm regards
Sherri Gropp|Assistant Curator| Castle Kilbride National Historic Site |Township of Wilmot
60 Snyder’s Road W. Baden, ON N3A 1A1 | P. 519.634.8444 x 259 | Toll. 800.469.5576 |TTY 519.634.5037


A Selection of Lenci Dolls on Etsy

lenci-etsyI just heard about a fine selection of Lenci dolls for sale by Jeff Shumaker in his Etsy Shop(US)
Pictured above is a sample of the current offering - here is a link to his entire selection of Lenci dolls on offer:
Click here for a look at his current selection of Lenci Dolls on Etsy (US)
and here is a link to see all current Lenci items on Etsy:
All Lenci on Etsy (US)

Very Rare 1925 Lenci doll


Rare 1925 Lenci Doll on eBay

This is a rare 1925 Lenci doll Model 350A with forward looking eyes Click Here to see it on eBay. This model was only sold in 1925 and then discontinued making it very rare indeed. The doll came in 2 different versions one with long hair as seen here and one with a bob wearing a hat which can be seen in Continue reading

Rare Early Lenci Dancer “Salomé” on eBay



Lenci doll "Salomé" in Noi & IL Mondo in December 1919 - Noi e il Mondo. Rivista mensile de "La Tribuna"

This is a rare early Lenci doll designed by Elena Scavini that dates to the very early years of the Lenci company of Turin before 1923. She first appeared in an article in the Italian monthly review Noi & IL Mondo  in December 1919  and was referred to as "bellisima Salomé" and later the same doll appeared in an early ad by the Lenci company in Playthings Magazine in Oct 1920 before they had created their first catalog. There are no records of any Lenci catalogs before 1923. The appearance of the Lenci dolls in the 1919 article is significant as it is the possibly one of the earliest published materials of the Lenci company, There is a separate ad by Lenci in the same issue that does not even have a company logo - more about this in a follow up post so stay tuned!


1923 Catalog

I recall that the late Rosita Siccardi,esteemed Lenci expert from Turin, told me that when the Lenci company began in 1919 on a small scale in the first few years they advertised only in publications and trade magazines etc but the first proper sales catalog was not created until 1923 when they had hired new designers such as Dudovitch et al. who were given that task of producing the first complete Lenci catalog.. The 1923 catalog included records of all they dolls that were available up to that date including the early dolls such as this exotic Lenci lady. She appeared in the 1923 catalog in a tableau next to the early "Indian" dolls of the same period.

See this early Lenci dancer doll on eBay

Reference: Noi e il Mondo. Rivista mensile de "La Tribuna" Dec 1919

Rare early Lenci Minstrel and Lady

I am delighted to share with your a rare glimpse of a pair of very rare early Lenci character dolls from the first years of the Lenci company. Leanne from Australia has generously shared photos of her extremely rare Lenci dolls - possibly a prince and princess or a lady and knight or minstrel. The man has an upturned gaze perhaps posed to look upwards towards his lady above on a balcony.ladyandminstrel

Rare Lenci Character Dolls in Medieval Costume

Rare Lenci Character Dolls in Medieval Costume


Previously in an old blog post ( I shared a picture of a similar pair of dolls - but the due to the way the dolls were posed we could not clearly see the outfits  I had attempted to reconstruct the prince's outfit in photoshop but never saw the details on the leggings because they were hidden by a table.  I can now see that they are indeed a match for Leanne's dolls. Finally the mystery is resolved! A big Thank You to Leanne for sharing these great detailed pictures!lencipair